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Family Dentistry in NW, Calgary

Finding a dentist for everyone in the family is difficult. Parents and young children have very different dental needs, after all. At Valley Ridge Dental Centre, we offer family dentistry services so that you can find everything you need all in one place, whether it is orthodontics, restorative dentistry, or seniors dental surgery. Contact us today to find out more — and make your first appointment.

What Is a Family Dentist? 

A family dentist is general practice dentistry offering a whole range of services in-house. Although the practice itself doesn’t specialise, the dentists within it will each have a variety of specialists. Most practices are family dentists: As of 2012, more than 140,000 dentists in North America have certification to work as family dentists.  

Dentistry for Everyone 

We pride ourselves on being a comfortable environment for all ages and needs. Valley Ridge’s practitioners specialise in a range of services for every member of the family, and we’ll ease you through any procedure, whether it is your first or your tenth. 

By treating the whole family, we can treat each of you better, too. We understand your needs and concerns, and our mission is to help you and your family make the changes you need to improve your dental health. Instilling good habits is easier when you have the support and a team around you to help. 

Continuity of Care 

We like to establish a good sense of our patients, such as their personal and family dental history. When we treat the parents and grandparents, we can spot any issues that might recur in the children, too. By treating the whole family, we can keep an eye out in case such problems arise and get started early on treatment if they do. 

Children who go to the dentist regularly are more likely to continue preventative care as adults. Therefore, ensuring children have positive experiences of dentists is crucial to achieving lasting dental health and good habits.  

Going to the dentist as a child is easier if you know and trust your dentist, which children are sure to do if they know their parents and grandparents have sought care at the same practice. In this environment, your child will feel comfortable coming to the dentist.  

We know the value of long-lasting relationships with our patients. For patients who come to us first as children, it means we can track their progress throughout their lives and focus on establishing good habits. With our approach to quality care, we can focus on preventing long-term problems. 

Pediatric Dentistry  

Establishing good dental care very early for your child is essential. Even though the baby teeth will eventually fall out, you will still need to take good care of your baby or young child’s dental hygiene.  

If not tended to properly, decay can set in, which causes baby teeth to fall out too early and hinders adult teeth as they try to grow. We at Valley Ridge Dental Centre are here to help start you and your child on those good habits early, so we can focus on maintenance and prevention rather than fixing problems. 

Check out our services for pediatric dentistry

The First Appointment 

We recommend that children should come in for an informal check-up from around the age of 3-6 months — six months is the point at which a child begins to experience teething.  

While this check-up wouldn’t amount to anything too significant, it is still worthwhile for a dentist to look inside your child’s mouth to check that everything is as it should be. As your family dentist, we can arrange to take a quick look at your baby during your appointment.  

If there are any problems, we can start working on them right away. 

Your child should have their first proper appointment once they have started growing a few of their baby teeth, which usually happens around the age of one. At this age, right up until they have all their old adult teeth, we monitor how their baby teeth grow and fall out, the development of the jaw, and any potential issues of overcrowding once the adult teeth start to come through. 

Growing Up 

As your child grows up, dental appointments will differ very little from an adult’s. But as they approach and enter their teens, some will eventually need orthodontics to fix overcrowding or awkward spacing. 

Our Services 

At Valley Ridge, we offer a full range of services to cater to all your needs. We provide restorative services to fix ailing teeth and cosmetic services to make you feel more comfortable and confident.  

Check out our family dentistry services today to see what we have to offer you. Feel free to schedule an appointment or contact us today to talk further with our great staff.

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