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Oxide Sedation Dentistry in NW, Calgary

For many people, going to the dentist induces much anxiety. Some would rather endure toothaches than make an appointment at all. This can lead to more severe oral health problems, like gum disease and even losing teeth. 

How can we solve this problem? Valley Ridge Dental Center in NW, Calgary offers nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation for patients who experience mild to moderate anxiety. This also alleviates pain during dental procedures. 

We’re here to tell you all about this sedation method and why it may be right for you. 

What is Nitrous Oxide? 

According to the American Dental Association, nitrous oxide is a gas that is:

  • Colourless
  • Odourless to sweet-smelling
  • Inorganic 

The combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen has been used as a safe way to relieve pain and anxiety in dentistry since the 1800’s. In 2007, an ADA survey recorded that 70% of dental practices use oxide sedation

How is it Used? 

At Valley Ridge Dental, we offer both oral and IV administration. We aim to keep you comfortable through every step of the sedation process. This means having the ability to choose which method is best for you. 

For oral administration, the patient is given a nasal hood. This device fits securely over their nose. Two tubes connect to two different canisters, one for oxygen and one for nitrous oxide. 

You begin by breathing in oxygen, while your dentist slowly increases the nitrous oxide. When you display the proper signs of sedation, your dentist will proceed from there. 

How Does Oxide Sedation Feel? 

From the first couple of breaths, you will begin to feel relaxed. You may feel a light tingling feeling throughout your body. 

Nitrous oxide is often known as “laughing gas.” During the sedation, you’ll feel light-headed, and might experience sudden emotions and surprising thoughts. Some people experience uncontrollable giggling as a side effect. 

These effects will last as long as you are breathing through the mask. In other words, this type of sedation does not last long after a procedure. Most people experience little to no side effects; nausea may occur in some cases. 

When Can You Use Oxide Sedation? 

You can choose to undergo oxide sedation any time you’re feeling anxious or scared of a dental procedure. This way, you can feel completely relaxed during your appointment. This method is also particularly helpful for those who are afraid of other methods of sedation, like IV or needle injection. 

Nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation can be used for many procedures, including: 

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Orthodontic procedures, like braces adjustments
  • Restorative dentistry (crowns, bridges, and implants)
  • Wisdom tooth removal 

And many more. We want you to feel comfortable coming to the dentist, so we have safe and professional oxide sedation for anything you may need. 

Sedation is never a requirement for your procedure. If you are comfortable receiving only anaesthetic with your procedure, you will be able to tell your dentist at Valley Ridge Dental how you feel. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Oxide Sedation Harmful? 

No. The key to proper sedation is balancing the oxygen and nitrous oxide intake. This is something the experienced dentists at Valley Ridge Dental have trained to watch out for, making the sedation entirely safe. 

Will I Experience Memory Loss? 

Oxide sedation does not typically result in memory loss. However, this can vary from person to person. 

Will I Fall Asleep During my Appointment? 

You will be in a partially-conscious state while under oxide sedation. You will be extremely relaxed, but awake enough to understand if your dentist asks you a question. 

Falling asleep is a result of too high a nitrous oxide ratio. We tailor the ratio according to the individual, and monitor you closely while you are sedated to ensure your safety and comfort. 

Will I Need a Ride Home? 

The sedation’s effects will wear off shortly after your procedure is over. You will typically be safe to drive home after your appointment, but you can ask someone to drive you to stay on the safe side. 

Will I Receive Anaesthetic? 

Oxide sedation functions as both an anaesthetic and a sedative, so you typically won’t need another numbing agent. However, if you are undergoing an invasive procedure, you may need to receive additional anaesthetic. 

Is There Anyone Who Should Not Receive This Treatment? 

Those with chest and lung problems like emphysema and MS generally should not receive oxide sedation. As its administered through the nasal passage, it will not work for those who have a cold or flu. Talk to your dentist to discuss your options. 

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