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Seniors Dental Services in NW, Calgary

Preventative dental care is important through all stages of life, but it is especially important as you age. Oral health plays a large role in your overall health and physical well-being, so it’s important to stay on top of this issue as you acquire more candles on your cake.

Just as it is vital for seniors to get regular health checkups, it’s important for older adults to get regular dental exams.

Dental Issues Faced By Seniors

As your get older, your risk of developing many oral health problems increases. Here are some of the common dental issues that seniors will face.

    • Dry mouth: Many things from autoimmune disorders to medical treatments can lead to a dry mouth. This is an uncomfortable issue that can cause problems with speaking and eating.
    • Increased blood clot risk: If you have suffered with chronic gum disease for a long time, a lot of harmful bacteria has set up camp in your mouth. You are at a higher risk of developing blood clots because of this, which in turn increases your risk of stroke.
    • Gum disease: Ill-fitting dentures, decaying teeth, diseases such as diabetes, and use of tobacco can all lead to gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth death and the loss of teeth.
    • Darkened teeth: The thinning of tooth enamel over the years can expose more dentin to the surface, making teeth appear yellow. Also, after a lifetime of coffee, tea, wine, and other tooth-staining consumables, your teeth might seem to be stained beyond repair.
    • Missing teeth: You might have lost teeth due to injury, gum disease, or root decay, but it is essential to have the hole filled to protect the other teeth.

Benefits of Seniors Dental Services in Calgary

Our Calgary dentists work hard to give you the best oral care possible. Ensuring you get your regular check ups and receive preventative care when necessary is essential for whole body health. There are many benefits to staying regular with your oral care routine, and here are just a few.

    • Whiter teeth: Brush and floss each day and make sure you get your regular cleanings. If necessary, your dentist might offer whitening solutions for your teeth.
    • Decrease your risk of periodontal disease: The loss of teeth in seniors can be directly attributed to gum disease. To reduce your risk of developing gum disease, be sure to avoid tobacco, take care of your teeth daily, and regularly visit your dentist.
    • Reduce cavities: Properly caring for your teeth can help make sure they stay clean and healthy, free of the tartar and plaque buildup that leads to cavities. Seniors over 60 are twice as likely to develop cavities when compared to their younger peers. Make sure you visit the dentist often and take care of your teeth at home.

Dental Services Offered to Seniors

There are a variety of dental services for seniors. Calgary-based dentists have the means to care for senior patients compassionately and effectively. Some of the services you can expect to see offered are:

    • Exams and treatments
    • Cleanings
    • Services for dentures
    • Cosmetic dentistry

Good oral health is important to feeling young, both in appearance and in health. It’s best to be seen regularly by a dentist and to be sure to care for your teeth.

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